Refund policy

Exchange and return policy
Replacement policy:

- Without prejudice to the agreement and statutory guarantee provisions, the consumer has the right to replace the product provided to him by the store within the seven days following the date of receiving the product, and he is not entitled to replace the product after the seven days have passed.

- In order to replace the product, it is required that the product be in a sound condition, and that the consumer has not used the product or obtained its benefit, and the store has the right to inspect the product before replacing it to ensure its safety, and the consumer must pay the shipping value if he wants to replace the product. Shipping and in the event of defects or errors, the consumer will be compensated

Return policy:

- We do not have a refund for the product if the product arrived in good condition and conforms to the specifications.

- In the event that you received the product and it was defective, we will exchange the product for you, or if the alternative product is not available, in this case we will retrieve the product and the customer will bear the costs incurred in the return process. or an error on our part the consumer will be compensated.

Switch method:

To submit a replacement request, please contact us on WhatsApp (you will find the WhatsApp number at the bottom of the home page) and send this information:

A video of the product from all sides to make it clear that the product is not used
order number
New size (if available)
New delivery data
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